Helping out in our community

Message from Cynthia to the Soul/Latin Line Dancers:

Helping others can change lives, and when you see a smile on their face it is priceless.

When we perform at the Nursing Homes it brings fond memories to each one of the residents - their heads, feet, and body movements are rocking with the dances and music we are sharing with them.

Each time we visit a Nursing Home we make a difference in someone's life. Volunteering your time is a wonderful gift to give to someone.

Community Alert

During the holiday seasons of 2020, The Soul Latin Line Dancers were not able to perform at the Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Center, as they had in the past 10 years; spreading holiday cheers and gifts to numerous senior homes throughout the Bronx & Manhattan.

Although our holiday celebration was quite different due to the pandemic, one thing remain unchanged—our ability to be there in spirit and kindness through our videos and drop off of gift baskets which were arranged by Yvonne Wallace and Denise David – Soul Latin Line Dancers; they were a blessing for all!

Message from the Recreational Director of Laconia Nursing Home:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You guys are truly special. God bless you and have a wonderful holiday."

Sincerely, Tony Muniz

  • quotesKeep doing what you do and for sure "God's Blessings" will continue to come your way.

  • quotesI found the experience VERY rewarding... and I had fun!

  • quotesI Just wanted you to know I enjoy the line dancing so much that I gave up my volunteer position at the museum.

  • quotesCynthia...Lord, if the people of the world could play music and sing and dance together, there would be no more war...

  • quotesThank you for being such a warm and true spirited leader through love and friendship of dance and music. Looking forward to future events filled with fun and enjoyment with all of my fellow dance-mates.

  • quotesI have truly enjoyed dancing with the Soul/Latin Line Dancers this year. It has been a most enjoyable experience.