Soul/Latin Line Dance Workshops

Cynthia Dixon has been line dancing for 20 years.
She started out doing Country Line Dancing at Denim and Diamond in Manhattan, and numerous Country Line Dance Halls in Yonkers. Studied Soul and Latin dances at Stepping Out Studio, Dance on 2 and the Harlem YMCA.

If you do not know how to line dance, go take a line dance lesson in Co-op City Community Center, room 2, any Thursday evening at 7pm – 9pm. I promise you will leave with a smile on your face while dancing and singing a song back home.

Workshop Details

Soul/Latin line dance steps are performed in a large spacious room with mirrors. Line Dance Lessons are conducted all year at the Co-op City Community Center. All of the rooms have central air condition and heat control.

Dancers have an opportunity to perform dances they've learned throughout the year at Nursing homes, Ballrooms and other venues spreading joy to others through the form of dance.

If you like to do Soul and Salsa dances and want to learn to line dance and keep in shape mentally, and physically, come join the Soul and Latin Line Dancers for Line dance Classes in Co-op City.

Workshop 1

Every Thursday

Fee: $8 for 2 hours

Location: Co-op City Community Center, Room 2

Address: 177 Dreiser Loop, Bronx, NY 10475

Workshop 2

1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month

Fee: $8 for 2 hours (Absolute Beginner Class)

Location: Einstein Loop Community Center, Room 38

Address: 135 Einstein Loop N, Bronx, NY 10475

  • You will meet men and women from all areas of the NY metropolitan area and NJ for an evening of fun and fitness

  • All new dances are reviewed for 4 weeks before moving on to new segments of dances

  • We travel twice a year to other states joining other line dance enthusiastic individuals demonstrating their style of line dancing - Awesome!

What can Line Dancing Lessons do for you?

  • friendship

    The first and foremost benefit of line dancing is the development of friendship with others. People thrive off of social interaction, especially when it's fun!
  • flexibility

    Line Dancing provides you with a dance outlet even when you do not have a partner. Today, it seems there is a line dance for just about any song you can think of, providing you with many opportunities to dance along with the music.

  • health

    Line Dancing can boost your memory, improve your flexibility, reduce stress, diminish depression, improve the health of your heart, and even help manage weight.
  • confidence

    Line Dancing will build your confidence – which grows from trying, failing and trying again until you get it. It’s the reward for not quitting.